Refer a patient to Marie Stopes

There are several ways to refer a patient to Marie Stopes Australia and, in some cases, such as in Western Australia, it is a legal requirement for any woman seeking an abortion to have a letter stating they discussed their decision to terminate with their doctor.

We have created the following range of options to help make referring to all our services simple and easy.

Using a practice management system

Through your system with Healthshare

The easiest way to refer to family planning services at Marie Stopes is by using your practice management system. We partner with Healthshare, which allows doctors to easily refer patients to our family planning, contraception and abortion doctors and specialists from within your practice management system.

Simply look for the Healthshare search bar on the right of your screen for a list of Marie Stopes Australia specialists nearest to your patient.

Through your system by uploading a template

If your practice management system does not support Healthshare referrer integration, you can also upload referral templates into your system using the rich text format documents below.

Do not open these templates in Word, as this will prevent them from working properly. Please right-click on the link and select the download option or ‘Save As’. Visit the Brisbane North PHN website for instructions on how to import these files into your software.

Paper based referral

  1. Download and print a referral form 178KB PDF (all patients)
  2. Download and print a WA public patient referral form 128KB PDF (WA Health catchment patients only)
Order referral pads