World Contraception Day 2017

Over 40% of the 208 million pregnancies that occur worldwide each year are unplanned. The statistics are similar in Australia with just under half of all pregnancies being unplanned.

Likewise, more than 60% of Australian women who have had an unintended pregnancy were using either the Pill or condom at the time of conception.

Contraception has come a long way since the Pill was introduced into Australia. In fact, long acting reversible contraceptive methods, like IUDs, are 99% effective when used properly. That’s a lot of unplanned pregnancies avoided!

We recently teamed up with PR and media students from RMIT University in Melbourne to spread the word about long acting reversible contraception, or LARC. Check out the result, featuring Marie Stopes’ resident contraception expert, Cynthia Pollard.

LARK? LARC? LARG? What is LARC? And what makes this category of contraception so revolutionary?

Find out what you need to know about hormonal IUDs and how they work.

What is a contraceptive implant and how do they get used?

Copper IUDs. They’ve been with us for a while but are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Find out why.

Still not sure which contraceptive method is right for you?

Try our online contraception advisor, My Best Fit, or get in touch.