Costs and prices

Information for Medicare, private health and overseas patients

Procedure and appointment costs


These prices are based on the lowest prices nationally. The price may change depending on the state you live in, gestation, type of sedation, whether you have private health insurance, and more.

Dilation and curettage

FROM $440

Medical abortion in clinic

FROM $440*

* Includes the cost of blood tests, ultrasounds, follow up appointments and treatments

Medical abortion by phone

FROM $310**

** Cost is based on Medicare cardholders and excludes cost of medication as discounts may apply depending on your health cover and whether you have a Healthcare card. Postage is also not included.

Contraceptive injection


^ Prices do not include the cost of the IUD or implant.
^^ Service is free. Pay only the cost of the medication.


* Prices quoted do not include the cost of the device or injection. If you would like to have an IUD or contraceptive implant removed or replaced, contact us for pricing.

Add cost of contraception device / medication

    Hormonal IUD

    Healthcare card - $10
    Medicare card - $40
    No Medicare - $270

    Copper IUD

    Healthcare card - $85
    Medicare card - $85
    No Medicare - $85


    Healthcare card - $10
    Medicare card - $40
    No Medicare - $215


    Healthcare card - $30
    Medicare card - $30
    No Medicare - $30

    Pricing terms and conditions

    Costs stated are based on the minimum national cost for Marie Stopes Australia patients holding a valid Medicare card. Further discounts apply for Healthcare Card holders in many cases and for private health insurance holders for some services.

    Prices quoted reflect the whole procedure cost, even if repeat visits may be required to complete your treatment.

    Contraception service prices are quoted without device or medication because these can vary if you have a valid Medicare or Healthcare card. You must add the cost of the contraception device or medicine to the cost of the contraception service.

    The following services incur no additional cost in conjunction with any abortion, contraception or vasectomy booking made.

    • Translation services
    • 24/7 aftercare service
    • Counselling services (up to 3 appointments)
    • STI and cervical screenings
    • Incomplete or failed abortion treatment
    • Post-medical abortion appointment

    Prices are subject to change.

    Please call us or enquire online if you would like to know an exact cost based on your personal circumstances.

    Speak to our friendly staff or book online