Community partners

Finding the money for family planning and long acting contraception can be difficult, especially for women on low incomes, in regional or remote areas, or those without access to financial resources or supportive friends or family.

As part of our commitment to our mission of ‘children by choice,’ we aim to give all women the power to plan their families, no matter where they live or their circumstances. For women in need, we have a financial assistance program, which we offer through a network of community partners who refer patients to us.

Due to the high level of demand, there are strict criteria for accessing this financial assistance and applications can only be submitted through our community partners, who assess patients according to need.

If you qualify for assistance, our partners will be able to negotiate on your behalf to secure free or discounted services from Marie Stopes.

If you represent an advocacy organisation, or work with women at-risk, and wish to become a Marie Stopes community partner, please contact us.

Children by choice