Medical abortion

Medical abortion is a safe and effective method of terminating a pregnancy up to 9 weeks (63 days) gestation using medication rather than surgery. Medical abortion, also known as non-surgical abortion, is available at all Marie Stopes clinics nationally.

If you are under 8 weeks pregnant (56 days), you may be eligible for a tele-abortion, or medical abortion over the phone, depending on where you live.

Medical abortion is a two-stage process. The first stage involves taking a tablet which blocks the hormone necessary for the pregnancy to continue. This is followed 24-48 hours later by a second medication which causes the contents of the uterus to be expelled.

Overall, medical abortion is a low risk non-surgical option for early termination with a high success rate, up to 98%.

Medical abortion is available at our clinics through a face-to-face consultation or, if you cannot get to a clinic, you may be eligible for a medical abortion by phone (tele-abortion).

If you would like to learn more about the medical abortion process or what to expect from your Marie Stopes appointment, you may wish to watch this medical abortion patient information video. To watch the video with subtitles in your preferred language, click the settings (cog) symbol, then subtitles, then auto-translate.

It can be hard to know how to support someone who has had an abortion, so we put together a guide for anyone who wants to learn more about providing timely and empathetic emotional support.

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Medical abortion process

As there is no surgical procedure performed for a medical abortion, you will not require an anaesthetic, and you are not required to fast before your appointment.

You will also be able to drive yourself home after the appointment. You can bring a support person with you, however, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we ask that they do not come into the clinic with you, to minimise the risk of infection. For more infomation, and other ways your support person can be with you on the day, head to our COVID-19 page.

As a general rule, when booking your medical abortion appointment, we recommend you give yourself a day or two to recover. You should keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

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Medical abortion cost

Medical abortion costs are based on the minimum price for patients holding a valid Medicare card. The medical abortion costs listed here are the 'gap' costs after Medicare rebate but before any private health insurance rebates, or Health Care Card reductions. Further discounts apply for Healthcare Card holders in many cases. If you do not hold a valid Medicare card, please contact us for a cost estimate or speak to your private health insurance provider if you hold private health insurance, as rebates may still apply.

Medical abortion in clinic

FROM $550

Medical abortion by phone

FROM $372*

*Abortion by phone cost is based on Medicare cardholders and includes the cost of medication and postage. Discounts may apply for healthcare card holders.

Medical abortion: what to expect

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