Late term abortion

The decision to have a late term abortion, also known as a second trimester abortion, is not easy and women who are undergoing the procedure need special care and support, given the often exceptional circumstances in which women decide to have an abortion at this stage. These might include detection of a serious foetal abnormality, in cases where the pregnancy is having a severe mental and/or physical impact on the woman, or may involve factors like domestic violence.

We perform late term abortions under intravenous sedation, in accredited day surgery facilities, in accordance with relevant legislation. In Victoria, our experienced team of doctors, nurses and counsellors provide late term abortion options up to 24 weeks’ gestation, as an alternative to early induced labour. In most other states we offer late term abortion options up to 20 weeks gestation.

In Australia, the variation in laws on abortion between the states and territories means that access to late term abortion can be a challenge – which means you may need to travel interstate, depending on your circumstances.

Please note, if you are over 16 weeks gestation you will need a formal ultrasound report (performed after 12 weeks gestation) and blood test results for haemoglobin and blood group prior to your appointment. You can arrange this through your GP or we can provide request forms for you.

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