Two women gossiping about The Pill and contraception.

Think you’re on the best contraception?

Eleonore Bridier Contraception

Still on The Pill? Get With The Times!

Oh, you’ve managed to get a prescription for the pill?

Why you lucky duck! I heard they’re only giving that to the married ladies.

Did you catch that Roy Rogers movie on Saturday? He looks just like Eddie don’t you think?

Oh yes, we’re going steady now. Although I have to admit, I’m worried he might leave me for that Shrimpton woman after seeing the outfit she wore to the Cup!

Can you believe that girl? No hat, no gloves and a mini dress!

Well, anyway it’s been lovely chatting, but I must be off. Eddie’s taking me to see the new Hitchcock flick. Here’s sixpence for the coffee.

I’ll see you around!

The contraceptive pill launched in Australia on the 1st Feb 1961. At the time it was an amazing step forward for women’s rights and represented a new phase in the development of contraception. But a LOT has changed in the 56 years since we got the pill and it turns out not everyone is up to speed.

Over 44% of women using contraceptives still rely on the pill as their primary method of birth control 1. There’s nothing wrong with using The Pill if you’ve shopped around and decided it’s the best option for you; but don’t miss out on the benefits of other great contraceptives just because you don’t know what else is out there.

So if you’re one of the millions of people who chose the pill by default, maybe it’s time to do a bit of a contraceptive audit and check out the other options available. There are now long term, but still reversible contraceptives that can last from three months to over ten years, which means no more popping pills every single day.

To explore your options and help you find which one is best for you, try taking the My Best Fit quiz. Still not sure? One of our nurses explains what you need to know in a series of videos.

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