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Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.Martin Luther King

At Marie Stopes, a patient’s experience with us is about more than the services we provide. We have a vision that every Australian women and man can take control of their sexual and reproductive health. To make this happen we work on improving our clinics and services and we work on improving the world in which our patients live.

We believe in effective, creative and active advocacy. We work with governments to ensure that our patients have safe access zones around our clinics. We work to deliver campaigns that destigmatise issues around contraception and abortion. And we’re committed to tackling the issues around reproductive coercion. We do all of this because it’s what our patients deserve. It’s what every Australian deserves; complete control over their sexual and reproductive health.

Our advocacy work is all evidence-based. Our advocacy work isn’t about a perceived vision of how the world should be; it’s about quantifiable injustices experienced by real people every day. We believe in data, and the data tells us that there is a lot of work to be done before men and women have fair and equal access to reproductive health care.

After all, reproductive rights are human rights.

Our policy priorities

  • Reproductive coercion

    The ability of a woman to control her own reproductive health and outcomes improves her quality of life. Yet, for a proportion of women, autonomy over whether she becomes pregnant is not a lived reality. Read more.

  • Equity, access and availability

    Access to contraception and safe legal abortions is a critical part of sexual and reproductive health. Yet for many Australian women access to these services can be hampered by cost, location and the stigma surrounding abortion. Read more.

  • Safe access zones

    Marie Stopes continues to campaign for Safe Access Zones across the country because everyone accessing reproductive healthcare services should have the right to do so without being assaulted. Read more.

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We are fighting for every woman’s and man’s right to choose if and when they have children.

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