Where the money goes

85% Service delivery

These funds go directly to country programs to deliver products and services on the ground, including the training of midwives and educational teams, buying contraceptives and providing clinical outreach services to have them fitted and replaced. As a social business, in some cases we do charge reasonable fees for our services for those who can afford it, meaning every dollar we invest from a donation, partly turns into more income generated to fulfil our mission.

10% Administration, compliance and accountability

We work with a small but committed group of donors and institutional partners, as well as government agencies, in every country in which we operate. There are strict regulations around how we raise funds, track donations and operate clinical services. Helping our programs deliver excellence in sexual and reproductive healthcare requires us to invest a small amount of the income we generate into complying with health standards, auditing our finances and tracking our impact against our goals. It may not seem as important on the surface, but it is really important to us that we can show you where your money goes and the quality of the care you are helping us provide women.

2% Fundraising

We are at heart a social business that does not believe that charity and aid can be relied upon indefinitely to provide ongoing services to those in need. We want to build self-sustaining health markets that are deliberately designed to provide quality, reliable care to as many people as possible. For these reasons, we invest very little in fundraising when compared to other organisations, preferring to forge long-lasting partnerships with donors that can provide stability and reliability for the communities with which we work.

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What your money can do

One sentence about value for money and the power of a dollar to multiply impact when used on contraception.

Graphic showing dollar handles for common contraception and health services we provide

For more detailed impact data and assessments, please explore our annual reports.

Marie Stopes International – Australia

* 2015 Australian annual report 200kb PDF

* 2014 Australian annual report 138kb PDF

* 2013 Australian annual report 401kb PDF

* 2012 Australian annual report 478kb, PDF

* 2011 Australian annual report 332kb PDF

Marie Stopes International – Global

* 2015 Global Impact report 200kb PDF

* 2014 Global Impact report 138kb PDF

* 2013 Global Impact report 401kb PDF

* 2012 Global Impact report 478kb, PDF

* 2011 Global Impact report 332kb PDF

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Where we work

Marie Stopes International nurtures a global network of passionate professionals across 37 countries. Our teams work with a global heart and a local hand, treating every woman without judgement and with compassion. Our Australian presence provides program support to eight countries throughout the Asia Pacific region while raising much needed funds for those programs most in need. Marie Stopes International is a global social enterprise, and in Australia we operate a network of clinics and telemedicine service under the name ‘Dr Marie,’ as well as a non-profit pharmaceutical company, MS Health.

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