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'Safe love, safe life' in Viet Nam

BlueStar in Viet Nam

As part of Marie Stopes International Viet Nam’s efforts to reach young clients and those living on low-incomes, BlueStar in Viet Nam organised a series of information and mobile clinical sessions across the country’s industrial zones. Run in partnership with factory owners, the sessions are aimed at providing reproductive health services directly to under-served women.

During one of these sessions the team met Nguyen Thi Soa. Soa is the sole earner in her family and alongside her day job in a factory, she runs her own cloth-making business to supplement her income.

Like many young, rural Vietnamese women, Soa had always been hesitant about visiting her local healthcare clinic, especially for reproductive health. And she’d never discussed family planning or reproductive health with her husband, family or colleagues as she found it too personal.

However, when a BlueStar team visited the factory Soa works in, she decided to join the family planning and reproductive information session ‘Safe love, safe life’ along with 500 of her female colleagues.

Soa told us: “I took part in the meeting because others came and it was free of charge. But to my surprise, it was so fun and informative. I learned a lot of useful information through plays and performances and then from the Q&A with BlueStar doctors.”

The session encouraged her, along with 1,400 of her colleagues to make use of the free services being provided at the factory.

After a reproductive health examination, Soa was diagnosed with an infection and told she may have early signs of cervical cancer. Our team was able to refer her to her nearby BlueStar clinic for treatment and follow up.

“I cannot express how relieved I am now. I want to thanks Linh and Tam for consulting me so nicely, comforting me and guiding me to solve the problem. BlueStar provided great service. The doctors were so caring.”

Soa has now decided to have regular reproductive health checks and plans to use her nearest BlueStar clinic as she trusts the doctors and services there. She’s also started talking to her friends about her experience and is recommending BlueStar clinics.

Reproductive health checks are not included in Social Health Insurance in Viet Nam. So partnerships like this one that Marie Stopes International Vietnam has established with other factory corporations in the country, are vital to helping more workers access these essential services.

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