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Our results and impact in 2014

In 2014 our local teams around the world enabled more women than ever to plan their futures and choose when and whether to have children.

We focus on the individual needs of the women we see every day at our centres, outreach sites, social franchises and in their communities.

By doing this effectively, the cumulative impact can be staggering. In 2014 by listening to, and meeting, the needs of individual women, we achieved our largest health impact ever in a single year:

  • 18.1 million women using an MSI method of contraception
  • 16,100 maternal deaths averted
  • 3.9 million unsafe abortions averted
  • 5.4 million unintended pregnancies averted


We are committed to making sure that an individual woman can choose the method of contraception that is right for her. That means offering a full range of contraceptive choices.

It’s often long-acting and permanent methods of contraception, such as IUDs, implants and sterilisations, that aren’t available to women and that’s a gap that we specialise in helping to fill. In 2014 more than 80% of the 18.1 million women using MSI-provided contraception were using a long-acting or permanent method of contraception.

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