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Marie Stopes International Australia Celebrates 100 Million Day

Marie Stopes International Australia will be hosting a morning tea with special guests to celebrate the 100 millionth client served by the MSI global partnership.

We are part of Marie Stopes International, a global partnership of sexual and reproductive healthcare organisations established in 1976. In the last week of June, the partnership is celebrating 100 Million Day in recognition of the fact that, this year, somewhere in the world, we will deliver 100 million under-served people with vital family planning and reproductive health services.

In Australia, teams will be marking the day with a morning tea, where special guests will share some of Marie Stopes’ rich history and the important role the organisation has played for women around the world for almost four decades now.

Maria Deveson Crabbe, Regional Director – Asia Pacific and CEO at Marie Stopes International Australia said: “We don’t know where in the world our 100th client will walk through our doors and into our care. They could be walking into one of our 14 clinics around Australia, an outreach tent in West Africa, or in Mongolia – but whoever they are, wherever they are, we’re proud to celebrate almost forty pioneering years, during which we have continued to increase the number of women we reach.”

Women like Sophorn, a garment factory worker from Cambodia, who discovered a better way for her and her husband Chen to plan their family from a MSI peer educator running a health awareness session at Sophorn’s workplace.

Having provided 100 million people like Sophorn and Chen with family planning and reproductive services is certainly something to celebrate. In 2014 alone, the MSI partnership gave 18.1 million women worldwide the power to plan and the hope to dream. However, across the developing world, there are still approximately 222 million women who want to use, but can’t access, contraception. Of those who cannot access contraception, it is estimated that each year 28% of these women (63 million) will have an unwanted pregnancy, and about 30% of those who have an unwanted pregnancy will resort to an unsafe abortion, risking their health and lives.

“While we celebrate this week with those we have been able to help, we will also be thinking about the millions of women who do not yet have the support and choice many of us enjoy almost without condition.”

Take a journey through the 40 years we’ve been providing contraception and safe abortion services in our special photo gallery.

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