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Contraception Delivery


In some of the regions in which we work, trends in family planning use are often skewed towards a certain type of method. This can mean that while women may be using contraception, they may not be able to access the method that best suits their needs.

We give our clients the choice of a full range of modern contraceptive methods; short term, long acting and reversible, and permanent. So if a lack of specialist providers means the vast majority of family planning methods available in a country are short term, for example, we ensure people are able to access long acting or permanent methods should they choose to do so.

In 2012, we estimate that we delivered; 1.2 million IUDs, 11.1 million contraceptive pills, 864,000 implants, 2.1 million injectables, 174 millions condoms, 966, 000 other short term methods and 469,00 voluntary sterilisations.

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