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The whole approach

Dr Antoinette Pirie (not pictured) is a Health Advisor at Marie Stopes International in Cambodia. An obstetrician by training, she is acutely aware of the individual stories that sit behind the national-level, holistic approach to improving safe abortion and family planning services which her work is all about.

The Cambodian government has made great strides in reducing maternal mortality in the country to 206 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births*. Antoinette’s work feeds directly into this initiative, focusing on integrating safe abortion and family planning into government health services and policies.

This requires a broad approach. “Helping build the capacity of the Cambodian health services to provide these services is a big part of what we do,” says Antoinette. This includes direct training of medical personnel but also, vitally, informing policies and management strategies on infection control and quality assurance, equipment and supplies, even refurbishment of health facilities.

“My job is to help the Cambodian government to formulate policies that are backed up by evidence so that in the long-term, safe abortion and family planning become mainstream healthcare in the Cambodian health service.”

Safe abortion has been legal in Cambodia since 1997 and health system structures and management strategies are developing in line with this forward looking policy environment. Transparency of services, continuing unsafe abortion, women’s knowledge and awareness are all factors that are being addressed.

Antoinette is awed by the changes and progresses she’s seen in the eleven years she’s been coming back and forth to Cambodia. “It’s a completely different place today and an incredibly inspiring place to work.”



*Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey 2010

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