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Sok Pheourn in Cambodia

Sok Pheourn is 31 years old and has a 7-month old child. Pheourn and her husband decided to wait before having any more children so they could spend time to improve their living conditions. Their doctor recommended that Pheourn space her pregnancies from three to five years from their first child.

Pheourn had tried other short-term contraception methods such as the contraceptive injection and a daily pill. However, both methods were not suitable for her body.

“I went to a clinic near my home. First, they told me to get [contraceptive] injection and I took it as per their recommendation. But, I bled a lot. Then they told me to change to daily pill and I did as I was told but again, I bled two to three times in a month.

Then I went to Marie Stopes Takhmao Centre; the doctor recommended that I use an IUD. He told me that it was a non-hormonal contraceptive method and it could prevent pregnancy up to 10 years,” said Pheourn.

It was not difficult for Pheourn to make the decision to use an IUD as she used to get the antenatal care (ANC) service at the Marie Stopes Centre. She trusted the quality service given by the provider.

“Here, they asked and examined my health first before suggesting to me to use IUD unlike the place I went to before.

Now I feel safe that I won’t get pregnant for a long time. I have enough time to take care of my family and do my business,” said Pheourn.

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