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Reaching remote communities

“Around here, everyone knows a woman who has died in childbirth, and to reduce the chance of falling pregnant again, many husbands and wives don’t sleep in the same bed.

“The isolation of these communities is extreme. People don’t have the money to travel and access healthcare, so we bring it to them, however we can. Most couples here have five children, some as many as 12. Access to birth control is a new opportunity for most.”

Joe is an outreach team leader in Papua New Guinea. These remote, hard-to-reach places that he visits with his team are home to 85 percent of the population in Papua New Guinea. Partnering with provincial health authorities to provide clinical services out of government health facilities is a proven model for Marie Stopes Papua New Guinea to bring contraceptive choice to remote communities.

Last year, Marie Stopes International expanded services to over 10,000 new clients. And we have recently been contracted by the Papua New Guinea government to rapidly expand family planning access across the country. This will support the government’s strategy of sustainable development by allowing families to realise their desired family size and improve the health and education of Papua New Guineans.

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