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Help more women access modern contraceptives

family, Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea only one in five women use a modern method of family planning and many women have never had access to contraception.

By donating this financial year you can help us provide vital services like a contraceptive implant to help women protect themselves from an unplanned pregnancy.

Meet Katri and Lingen Awakea, a married couple with three young children who live in a remote village in Papua New Guinea. The village lacks basic services and land is becoming scarce as couples have more and more children. Polygamy is widespread.

After the birth of their first child Katri and Lingen decided to not have any more children. But with no access to modern contraceptives or reproductive healthcare facilities, they used traditional herbs which they believed would act as contraception. This failed and Katri fell pregnant again with a second and third child.

It was during a Marie Stopes International outreach visit, Lingen and his wife first learnt about modern family planning methods. Katri immediately opted for a five-year implant, as did many of her friends.

While this shows improvement in our service delivery, there is still a great deal more work to do to address the lack of access to comprehensive, high quality and reproductive healthcare.

As the head of his family, Lingen knows that his three children won’t have easy access to the land that is currently available. He already has to share the few square kilometres of land with his three brothers who also have families. After reaffirming their decision to not have any more children, Lingen chose to have a vasectomy.

Our outreach visit created discussion amongst the community on the need for couples to be able to control the size of their families. A community-based team member continued to develop awareness in the community once we had left and then requested we return for another outreach visit.

But there are still so many people living with an unmet need for sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

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