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Community volunteer

Nu runs a small business and lives in a village near Mandalay, Myanmar, about one hour from our clinic. Nu had six children, but one died when it was a year and a half old.

Nu first heard about Marie Stopes International in 2009 when a mobile clinic arrived in her village and she received family planning counselling. She initially had a Depo provera injection, but after suffering high blood pressure, she consulted a doctor and switched to an IUD instead.

Her first three children were not spaced and she was continually pregnant. Her third child died of pneumonia. “I was so busy I did not have much time to care for the child,” she said.

“When I had access to contraception I was very happy as I had more time to look after my children.”

She felt inspired to work as a community volunteer, attending training on how to present family planning information, and advocating with friends and village leaders.

Nu’s husband helps gather women to attend our mobile clinic and organises visits to the Mandalay clinic. Altogether she has brought around 300 clients for short and long-term contraception.

“I don’t want my friends to miss out on opportunities and services available for them. I share my own experiences so they become more interested.

Nu has also helps raise awareness about cervical cancer screening, and organises transport for women. On a single day, Nu brought 70 women to the clinic for cervical cancer screening – her most successful day yet.

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