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Research, policy and ethics

Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.Martin Luther King


Our research agenda builds new evidence to inform health policy, clinical care and health literacy resources.

We listen to people’s unique needs, gather evidence on what works, share that evidence in publications and translate our findings into our clinic design and services.


Our public policy agenda platforms new research alongside direct clinical experience to influence systemic change for sexual and reproductive health, equity, rights and justice.

We facilitate conversations with thought leaders and change makers, including health consumers and clinicians, across Australia to collate policy advice and campaigns.

Our current priorities are universal health access, harmonisation of abortion law, hearing reproductive injustice, prevention of reproductive coercion, and evolving models of care.


We have a national Research Committee, within which there is a Technical Advisory Working Group of academics contributing to current research and policy projects.

Depending on the activity, ethics are overseen by our National Medical Advisory Committee, the MSI Reproductive Choices Ethics Committee or ethics committees of our academic partners.

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