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A world where every birth is wanted

Children by choice, not chance

Across the developing world, there are approximately 225 million women who want to use, but can’t access, contraception. Enabling women to take control of their reproductive health can be life-changing, whereas the consequence of this lack of access can be devastating.

Every year there are an estimated 63 million unintended pregnancies that result from a lack of contraception and 19 million women resort to unsafe abortions to end their pregnancies.

As a result, around 82,000 women die every year from pregnancies they did not wish to have. Pregnancies, and deaths, which could have avoided if only these women had access to basic contraception.

Marie Stopes International exists to bring quality family planning and reproductive healthcare to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, ensuring that their lives are not at risk from pregnancies they would rather have avoided. We’ve been delivering modern contraception, post-abortion care and, where permitted, safe abortion for over 40 years.

Last year we provided family planning services to over 20 million people across 37 countries – reaching women and men in their communities.

We operate a social business model, meaning we focus on ensuring a sustainable, consumer-centred model for delivering sexual and reproductive health services and achieving our social mission. In some countries, such as in Australia, our work generates surplus profits which are used to expand our reach, improve our services or products and subsidise our global social mission.

In Australia we operate a network of clinics called, Dr Marie, and a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company MS Health, which aims to bring innovative family planning products to give Australian women and men greater choice.

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